We identified three main criteria for decent headphones for sports: maximum comfort and reliability of fixation in the ear, good sound with good low frequencies, and protection against moisture and falls.
The presence of the headset microphone is an obvious plus, most models of bluetooth headphones have it.5th place: Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless


A unique model from the guru bluetooth-headsets, but also worth a lot. The coolest feature of “jabra” is the built-in pulse sensor, the readings are taken directly from the inner ear. The data of the cardiac sensor is very accurate if the earpiece is firmly seated in the ear. The model also requires an exact selection of the ear cups (included), this also determines the sound.

The quality of music at a height is almost as high as possible for a wireless headset. Jabra also offers its own fitness application for the phone, through which you can collect data on training. The headset sits well, discomfort occurs only with a very long session (due to sweat secretion). Headphones are protected from moisture: you can not swim in them, they will withstand the shower.

Pros: built-in pulse sensor and NFC chip, 5 hours of battery life (with heart rate monitor), comfort, “juicy” sound of music, active shumodav. Cons: exact fit is necessary under the ear.

4th place: KOSS Sporta Pro


The only overhead headphones in the rating. In fact, Sporta Pro has already become a classic, and KOSS is completely registered in the history of headphones. That’s why many athletes do not rush to switch to gags – this model produces pure bass and high-quality mid / high frequencies. The design of the collapsible headband and leather ear cups is checked by time, the “ears” sit in their place and do not want to fly.

The speakers themselves have a few adjustments for a comfortable fit to the head. A distinctive feature of the KOSS Sporta Pro is its durability, these headphones serve for years and work without fail in any conditions.

Pros: very comfortable, durable (5-7 years – not a record), outstanding bass and pure sound, classical form. Cons: no microphone, wired, uncomfortable plug with an angle of 120 degrees.

3d place: Plantronics BackBeat FIT


Perhaps the most balanced headset for fitness. Sport earphones fit comfortably in the ears, lovers of Ear / AirPods will feel at home thanks to a similar form of “plugs”. She is responsible for safety: the sounds outside are audible, you can take the headset and into the hall, and for a run.

The quality of music playback is average, but for fitness and listening to music on the street it is quite enough. The maximum volume will not kill the sounds of the subway, but cope with the roar of the bar on the platform (in general, it is better not to throw the bar, but suddenly). On the outside of the speakers there are control buttons, which is much more convenient than searching for a bullet on the neck. Another bonus: a quality cover for the phone on the biceps in the kit.

Pros: comfortable wearing, decent autonomy (up to 336 hours in standby mode and more than 10 hours for listening to music), several colors, convenient control, safety, durability and reliability (2-3 years of intensive operation), cover. Cons: Bass could have been better.

2nd place: JBL Everest 100


A headset that could be put on the first place, if not for the price. These headphones differ primarily in those for which they were created – a quality sound. It’s very difficult to find something that is as pure as music. Another plus of JBL is autonomy, they can withstand at least four workouts, if you like to talk, and even longer play music.
Everest 100 sit in your ears so that you will forget about them in a couple of minutes. Included – insanely comfortable hooks for fixation in the ear and a set of ear cups. Convenient remote, low weight, bass and bass processing is almost ideal. If it were not for the price tag.

Pros: crystal clear sound, convenient control, comfort, autonomy, bluetooth 4.0. Cons: the price.

1st place: Denon AH-W150


The name of the company will not say much to many, and meanwhile Denon is a well-known (in the narrow circles of audiophiles) producer of hi-fi and hi-end acoustics. The bass here is even steeper than KOSS, it can drown or dissolve, as you like. The thing is for an energetic soundtrack on a crossfit or for the last meters of a marathon.

The attachment to the ear is non-standard, but very comfortable and reliable, convex playback buttons are taken directly to the arc. The battery provides at least 7 hours of operation. In the kit also there are already 4 pairs of earrings, and with a special antibacterial coating.

Pros: hi-fi with better bass, comfort, convenient operation, autonomy, durability, light weight, bright design. Cons: inconvenient to wear with glasses, do not fit cyclists.

The choice is just for you, it all depends on the needs, preferences of the form factor and, of course, the willingness to spend this or that amount on the headset. Most importantly – do not stay without music!

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